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Viettel – Virtual Store

09:25 01/12/2022

Client: Viettel 

Campaign: Viettel Virtual Store 

Category of deployment: 

Designing and building a “virtual” store that simulates the applicability of Viettel products and services to help customers experience an impressive first-hand experience.

  • Capture customers’ attention through VR app virtual store and 5G network
  • Accelerate conversions, purchase rates, optimize revenue
  • Contributing to expressing the creative spirit, pioneering in creating digital life of Viettel Group.
Visit Viettel Virtual Store at:
Currently, virtual stores are considered as a unique and novel solution to help businesses attract customers. Instead of trying to attract customers’ attention from discounts and offers, brands have chosen virtual stores to apply “tours” with modern technology, which is perfectly integrated with the Internet. The existing system aims to increase the number of customers and generate conversions, increasing revenue.
Viettel virtual store designed by ADT Creative
Explore the huge content store on TV360 at Viettel virtual store
ADT Creative, a pioneer in the application of interactive technology in communication, has cooperated with Viettel telecommunications group – a leader in technology and digital transformation to launch Booth Virtual Store to create “digital experiences”. for the first time in Vietnam.
With the combination of VR virtual reality technology and 5G network, the virtual store simulates the applicability of Viettel products and services so that customers can directly experience an impressive, vivid and contribute increase purchase rate. Virtual stores not only bring modern technology experiences, but also represent Viettel Group’s creative and pioneering spirit in creating digital life.
ADT Creative is proud to be a partner in providing VR interactive technology experiences with brands to create a powerful transformation.
Booth trải nghiệm VR
Team ADT Creative at Viettel Virtual Store